Pieps/Black Diamond Avalanche Beacon Class Action


Rice Harbut Elliott LLP has commenced a claim in the Supreme Court of British Columbia against BLACK DIAMOND EQUIPMENT LTD., CLARUS CORPORATION, PIEPS GMBH and PIEPS CANADA in a potential class action lawsuit on behalf of all Canadians who have purchased one or more of the following Avalanche Beacon devices:

  • Black Diamond Recon BT;
  • Black Diamond Guide BT;
  • Pieps DSP Sport;
  • Pieps DSP Pro;
  • Pieps Powder BT; and
  • Pieps Pro BT.

The potential class action involves a claim of defective design and manufacture because the Avalanche Beacons in question have a propensity to turn off involuntarily while being used. If the beacon is in the “Off” mode, it makes it much more difficult for rescuers to locate the buried snowboarder or skier.

If the case is successful, claimants will be entitled to refunds among other potential remedies.


If you purchased one or more of the products listed above in Canada, you may be affected by this class action lawsuit.

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