Zonnic Class Action

Zonnic Class Action

Rice Harbut Elliott has filed a proposed Canadian class action against Imperial Tobacco and related entities seeking compensation for individuals who purchased Zonnic smokeless nicotine pouches and developed nicotine addiction and/or other injuries as a result (the “Class Action”).

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Class Action Details

This Class Action relates to the deceptive and misleading design, regulatory approval, labelling, advertising, marketing, promotion, distribution, and sale by the defendants of Zonnic pouches. The claim alleges, in part, that the defendants:

– Exploited regulatory loopholes. They deliberately designed Zonnic with 4 mg or less of nicotine per pouch to avoid nicotine control laws that do not apply to nicotine products approved under the Natural Health Product Regulations. As a “natural health product” Zonnic can be purchased in Canada by anyone (without age restriction) and promoted broadly (without advertising restriction).

– Dishonestly marketed Zonnic as a “nicotine replacement therapy while at the same time designed product packaging and flavours to strongly appeal to children, teenagers, and young adults with vivid packaging featuring sweet flavours like “Chill Mint”, “Berry Frost”, and “Tropic Breeze”.

– Failed to warn about the risks. The Zonnic packaging contains no warnings or disclosure about the primary harm associated with its use, namely, long-term nicotine addiction.

Please see the Notice of Civil Claim for more information about the Class Action.

Your Rights May Be Affected

If you purchased Zonnic and developed nicotine addiction or other injuries, you may be affected by this Class Action. Please fill out the form below to get in touch with us. Joining our contact list creates no financial obligation and we will keep all information that you provide to us confidential.

Note: You are not obliged to fill in this form to participate in this class action. If you choose to do so, you are not retaining RHE LLP to act on your behalf. Providing the information requested does not make you a client of RHE LLP. All information submitted will be treated as confidential and will only be released as required by law or as you may consent.

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