We have extensive experience in the areas of personal injury and wrongful death litigation:

Types of Damages

Loss of Housekeeping Capacity

If a homemaker is injured and left unable to perform the household chores that he or she once did for the family, they may be entitled to a loss of housekeeping services award. Alternatively, an award for housekeeping assistance may be advanced as part of a future care claim.

Out-of-Pocket Expenses

A negligent defendant is required to pay an injured person’s out-of-pocket expenses for things such as medical services, ergonomic equipment, medication, and damaged personal items.

Cost of Future Care

These claims are to cover the treatment, rehabilitation, and homemaking assistance an injured person may require in the future—in some cases, for the rest of their life. Awards are broad and can include physiotherapy, massage therapy, kinesiology, ergonomic equipment, home aids, homemaking assistance, counselling, or psychological therapy. In order to be covered, the care item must be shown to be reasonable and medically necessary.

Future Loss of Income

An injury could well result in lost opportunities to earn income in the future. These claims typically arise when a person never returns to work following an injury, returns to reduced hours, or returns to their former employment at regular hours but in a diminished capacity.

Past Loss of Income

If you have lost income because of an injury, you are entitled to recover it from the negligent party who caused harm. This loss can include lost wages and commissions, missed promotions or raises, lost job opportunities, and diminished business income.

Pain and Suffering

When you suffer an injury caused by someone’s negligence, you are almost always entitled to non-pecuniary damages—a legal term for an award intended to compensate you for pain, suffering, and loss of enjoyment. The amount will vary, depending on the nature, severity, and duration of the particular injury.