Military Veteran Awarded Over $475,000 for Recurrence of PTSD
Jandric v. Janzen, 2023 BCSC 470

Military Veteran Awarded Over $475,000 for Recurrence of PTSD

RHE lawyers Jesse Kendall and Kendal Paul were trial counsel for Robert Jandric, a 52-year old veteran of the Balkan conflict, husband and father who struggled for several years following two accidents. Mr. Jandric suffered a recurrence of PTSD, nightmares, sleep issues, a concussion, alcohol and substance use disorder, neck and back injuries, and chronic headaches. He missed several periods of time from work following each of the accidents and when his psychological symptoms increased, and his relationship with his family was irretrievably altered. The court heard evidence from several family members and colleagues of Mr. Jandric, all of whom painted a picture of a man whose life has been drastically changed.

The Court rejected ICBC’s theories meant to minimize the impact of the accidents on this man and his family, awarding him a total of $478,681.95 in damages, including $200,000 in non-pecuniary damages and $210,000 for his loss of future earning capacity, despite having an extremely accommodating employer and post-accident promotions at work.

The full reasons for judgment can be found here.