ICBC’s financial woes and proposed reforms could have devastating consequences if you or someone you love is injured in a car accident. RHE partner John Rice speaks to the media about the insurance corporation’s mess and what change could mean for British Columbians. He and other members of the Trial Lawyers Association of BC believe our civil liberties are at risk of erosion.


Should ICBC’s “medical advisors” decide how serious your injury is?

Do you trust ICBC to decide whether your injury is minor or more significant? If not, what will you do about it? The proposed changes will make it difficult for most accident victims to pursue fair compensation, unless they have the financial means to hire a litigator. Watch John Rice on Global News, sharing his concerns about the new system.

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ICBC’s infamous “dumpster fire” is a lot of smoke. Our provincial insurance corporation can afford to be fair.

RHE partner John Rice calls for an independent review of the books, the honouring of election promises, and a balanced solution to injury compensation. Listen to his candid discussion with CKNW host John Daly.

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Until 2014, ICBC was “a crown jewel of government” making immense profits. What happened?

Now the corporation reports staggering losses. The shortfall is the result of numerous factors, but mismanagement and poor decisions by government play a part. Why should people injured in accidents be asked to shoulder the burden? Listen to John Rice interviewed on CFAX.

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ICBC projected a loss of $200-million. Just 3 months later they revised it to $1.3 billion.

RHE partner John Rice sits on the Board of Governors/Executive Committee as Secretary/Treasurer for the Trial Lawyers Association of BC (TLABC). The association doesn’t trust the corporation’s math. Rice believes they’ve made the numbers look worse than the facts are, and wants an independent audit before British Columbians are forced to accept drastic policy changes. Read the CBC story.

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