RHE Lawyers Attend TLABC Annual Spring Soiree

RHE Lawyers Attend TLABC Annual Spring Soiree

On Friday, June 14, 2024, RHE lawyers attended the Trial Lawyers Association of BC’s (TLABC) annual Spring Soiree at the Hotel Vancouver.

The TLABC is a non-profit society with a membership of approximately 1,500 legal professionals across various practice areas. RHE is proud to have been involved with this respected organization for many years. Notably, RHE lawyer John Rice, K.C., served as TLABC president in 2020, and our very own Mike Elliott is the current TLABC president.

The Spring Soiree was a special night for everyone in attendance and was particularly memorable as it announced the return of the TLABC’s Bench and Bar Awards. These awards, established in 1982, honor members of the bench and bar who have dedicated their careers to the betterment of the legal profession and the cause of justice for British Columbians.

This year’s recipients represent some of the brightest and most celebrated legal minds in our province: Chief Justice Christopher Hinkson (2024 Bench Award), Anthony Vecchio KC (2024 Bar Award) and Ryan Dalziel KC (posthumous) (2024 President’s Award).

2024 has been a significant year for TLABC in the courts. In response to the provincial government’s introduction of Bill 21 – Legal Professions Act (2024), which undermines lawyer independence, politicizes the legal system, and provides no additional funding for legal aid or access to justice, TLABC has initiated legal proceedings against the province of BC, challenging Bill 21 on administrative and Constitutional grounds. Furthermore, TLABC is leading a challenge against the Disbursements and Expert Evidence Regulation, which forces plaintiffs to waive solicitor-client and litigation privilege in ICBC personal injury cases before incurring disbursements to prove their claims. Additionally, TLABC has actively intervened in numerous important criminal and Constitutional cases across the country, many of which are expected to reach the Supreme Court of Canada.”